Our goal is to help injured individuals become whole again by lawfully fighting for their rights through settlements and trials.

Here are just a few of the cases we've resolved recently. 

Dog Bite.jpeg

Dog Bite Case

Settled for $301,000.00

Our client was bitten in the face by a pit bull owned by his brother. He suffered multiple facial injuries, including a serious wound to his nose. We were able to achieve a very suitable settlement. (Read the Mass Lawyers Weekly featured article.)


MotorCycle AccidenT

Settled for $250,000.00

A young man was struck while on his motorcycle. The client was driving straight while the offending driver was taking a left, and struck our client. Our firm hired private investigators to find all avenues of reimbursement for the serious injuries. Attorney Faneuf was able to accommodate the client's wishes and resolve this case quickly out of court. 


Over-Serving At A Bar

Settled for $200,000.00

Our client was struck by a drunk driver who was over-served at two different drinking establishments. Our office was able to facilitate a settlement between both bars as well as the driver's auto insurance companies.